Some people tend to ask which of my characters is my favorite, all of them are really even the evil ones, but if I was pushed to choose I would have to say Trey. I know Trey is quite a popular choice among the people who have already had the chance to read it and are waiting patiently for the third in the series which contains his story. As I have already mentioned, Trey is very mischievous  and rather enjoys causing trouble, but underneath this he is also very caring and patient. Incredibly loyal but also extremely troubled and constantly battling to control himself, the guilt he feels when he does lose control plays heavy on him. A very complex character, one I have really enjoyed creating, so therefore most likely my favorite.

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    I was born and raised in London which is where I still live now with my husband and children. As a child I always had my nose stuck in a book. I started out reading mysteries such as Nancy Drew and then soon moving onto Agatha Christie. I then found a love of the horror genre, Richard Laymon being my favourite author among a few others. When a friend introduced me to the paranormal romance/fantasy genre I soon became hooked, building myself a very impressive to read pile and a long list of favourite authors. I would say both of these genres have influenced in the way I write and combining them is where I came up with the idea for my book.


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